Friday, 30 January 2015

Justin Krashefski Loves Learning and Staying Fit

Throughout his adolescence, Justin Krashefski stayed active, learning to play several different sports. He entered the U.S. Coast Guard after finishing high school, where he learned about the history and practices of the military service. Additional, he learned new exercise strategies to maintain a high degree of physical fitness. After the Coast Guard, Krashefski joined the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, learning the local laws and regulations necessary to patrol his community.

Passionate about learning, specifically learning how to help and protect others, Krashefski decided to pursue a career in fitness education. His background in the armed forces provided him with a work ethic to maintain his level of fitness, and he felt the desire to share that with others. To do so, he became a certified personal trainer and started training others to achieve a higher level of fitness.

While the training process was effective in enhancing his trainees’ appearances, Justin Krashefski still didn’t feel completely satisfied. He realized that he wasn’t simply passionate about physical fitness training, but he was also interested in the nutritional and psychological aspects of the process. With this in mind, he decided to pursue an Associate of Science in Sports Medicine at Keiser University.

Wanting to continue to expand his knowledge of sports medicine, Krashefski pursued further education. He enrolled in Florida Atlantic University’s Exercise Science and Health Promotion program and is currently working toward earning a Bachelor of Science degree in the Department. Krashefski plans to share his education with others by opening a fitness and lifestyle studio following graduation.

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