Friday, 26 December 2014

Justin Krashefski – Dedicated to Education

Justin Krashefski quite literally has a world of experiences in a number of fields.  He is a veteran and former member of the United States Coast Guard.  He is also a former police officer with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.  He is also a highly educated man with a fierce dedication to advancing his knowledge in the fields of his choice.  That choice is sports medicine.  
Sports medicine is a body of fields that focuses on helping people improve their athletic performance, recover from injuries and prevent future injuries. It is one of the fastest-growing health care fields in the industry.  The appeal is great due to the fact that sports medicine health workers help many regular people as well as elite athletes.

Many people participate in sports just for fun or seek to get better results from their exercise program. These patients sometimes suffer injuries and want to regain full function as soon as possible. Additionally, there are people who have disabilities that may want to increase their mobility and capabilities through sports medicine.  Practitioners in this field can take on a number of roles such as an exercise physiologist, nurse, nutrition expert, physical therapist, Kinesiotherapist, Athletic Trainer, Doctor of Osteopathy, and many more.  The career path one chooses depends on the individual’s interests, educational goals and the environment where they may want to work. The field usually requires some sort of degree and has a number of certifications that can be achieved.  Justin Krashefski is on that path to a Bachelor Degree at the Florida Atlantic University.

Justin Krashefski Life as a Cop

Justin Krashefski is a veteran and model citizen.  He not only served in the military service in the Coast Guard, he also served several years in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.  The city of Fort Lauderdale Florida has approximately 170,000 residents.  The department of police serve the community with the authority of the state to among other things, enforce the law, protect property, and limit civil disorder.

Law enforcement also includes an array of activities in different situations, and are predominantly concerned with the preservation of order.  Police work has a long history that is intertwined with human events around the world.  Generally, police forces include both preventive police that are uniformed and detectives. Ultimately, they function to protected life and property, enforce criminal law, conduct criminal investigations, regulate traffic, conduct crowd control, and other important public safety duties. Uniformed police have duties in patrol and response to emergencies.  Their uniforms make for immediate recognition of an officer's legal authority, which is important in such things as traffic control, stopping and detaining motorists, and active crime response and prevention.  They are often armed and the physical demands of this job can be great.

Detectives can be uniformed, but most often wear business attire. They typically investigate crimes after they have occurred and after uniformed patrol officers have responded first to a situation. Detectives spend a lot of time reporting, taking interviews and in courtrooms. Justin Krashefski’s duty as a police officer was distinguished with a number of important arrests.  He was often called to secure a violent and dangerous perpetrator.  His duties often called on him to make a prompt assessment of a situation and distinguish where the law is present within that situation.  It takes mind and body to execute a job like that, and it was a challenge that Krashefski took on daily.

Justin Krashefski on the Coast Guard

Justin Krashefski loves this country, and he has shown that in his public service and private life for as long as people have known him.  Beyond a patriot, he served in the United States Coast Guard for five years.  He embarked on this career straight out of high school, hitting the challenge of basic training head-on.  A young man with experience beyond his years, he excelled in his early service and started on a career representing and defending this country as few have the opportunity to do.  He learned early in his service that fitness would not only serve him well, it could help him exceed, so he continued his life-long dedication to excellent physical conditioning.

He also learned that the discipline that carried him through this fitness would carry through to executing his duties in the service.  Discipline, methodology, and constant analysis are required in this line of service, often the challenges take place in hostile waters or in hostile situations.  The service instills a sense of respect by those who excel, and each member is there to achieve their best.  To Krashefski, there is no higher method to display patriotism than to serve the country in the vein of continual excellence.  As a member of the Armed Services of the United States, discipline, excellence and loyalty are some of the highest elements of service.  There is always a need to show your best and be your best.  Justin Krashefski applied his discipline and shared this with colleagues.  He is a natural leader and these instincts to lead and communicate served him well throughout his service.

During his service, he faced threats against the United States that most people don’t consider every day.  This constant, daily battle placed him in the face of danger that few people know. There are constant smugglers, traffickers and dealers of drugs at the country’s shores each and every day.  They threaten commerce, private citizens and health of the communities and its members.  Krashefski witnessed many incidents throughout his service it always demands the highest mental clarity and physical readiness.  Justin Krashefski is known for his high level of physical fitness and was a leader on a countless number of athletic achievements.  This fitness helped him tune his mind as well, and he carried these skills over upon his return to a successful career as a police officer in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

He served the Fort Lauderdale community for four years and has since moved on to a pursuit of higher education, from where he hopes to serve the community as a sports medicine practitioner.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Justin Krashefski the Workout Enthusiast

Justin Krashefski is a military veteran who has maintained his love for physical fitness throughout his life.  On the road to the military, certainly within the military, and through his time as a police office in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, Krashefski has been an enthusiast of fitness all his life.  His level of lifetime fitness has always been a part of his duty, so he has maintained a strict regimen of workouts and fitness to maintain it.  He continues to carry out his routine to this day and it is composed of a number of exercise and fitness principles and sport activities. When Krashefski is at the top of his game, he is prepared to deliver the kind of service he expects of himself, in top physical form that could be constantly tested during duty. 

Krashefski’s routine includes weightlifting, where he works his upper body strong though daily lifting. He is at the gym training on a regular basis, on such equipment as press benches, isometric machines and free weights. Krashefski works hard to increase the strength of his chest, biceps, triceps and neck muscles. Justin Krashefski also does a bit of running. Running has always been a core component of his routine, and he has regularly competed in 3k, 5k, half-marathon and marathon events.

Through these events, he’s able to maintain a measure of achievement and compete with others in the community. Finally, another key component of Krashefski’s routine is the activity of swimming. He feels that swimming really ties it all together, combining upper body and lower body strength. He regularly swims in the ocean off of the beaches in the area, and is the master of several swimming styles.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Justin Krashefski – Education and Service

Justin Krashefski is a former member of the United States Military that served for five years in the Coast Guard Division.  Krashefski maintained great physical fitness achievements in his public sector service.  He also maintains a high level of education. Today, he is enrolled at Florida Atlantic University in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine.

This university is based out of Boca Raton, Florida and features five satellite campuses located throughout the Florida cities of Dania Beach, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter, and in Fort Pierce at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution.  It opened its campus in 1964 and was the first public university in southeast Florida.  At the time, it offered only upper-division and graduate level courses. The school has continued to grow, and it notably established its own College of Medicine in 2010.

Krashefski’s studies in sports medicine are a critical focus and his career ambition.  The practice is the branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. The demands of excellence are high. Doctors in this field are actually specialist physicians who have completed medical school and have completed a residency training in a sports injury-related specialty. They must then complete fellowship training in sports and exercise medicine. Professionals in this field not only treat injuries, they actually help in recovery, performance and prevention.  This kind of advice encompasses a number of different specialties. The acute injuries are obvious – sprains, ligament tears, triage, muscle strain, muscle cramps, concussions and many more.  Often times however, the gentle science of knowing when an athlete is ready to go back to the field is just as important as the initial treatment.  That requires specialized training and experience.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Justin Krashefski on Serving in the Coast Guard

Justin Krashefski has always been a man of his country. Growing up in the sunny state of Florida, Justin Krashefski didn’t engage with most activities that other adolescents of his age did. He was not interested in drugs, gang affiliations or premarital sex. At the time, he was only interested in looking for ways toserve his country, and in keeping himself in good enough shape to be able to meet those means with determination.
It was the day that Justin Krashefski graduated high school that he would get that first chance to do something for his country. He enlisted in the United States Coast Guard, and had gone to New Jersey for basic training by the end of that summer. Justin Krashefski impressed both his instructors and classmates with his athletic prowess and ability to stay focused on graduation day. He flew through the program, and had achieved active duty status before winter of that year.
Throughout Justin Krashefski’s enlistment, he learned a lot about the world and the other cultures that surround us. Justin Krashefski helped stop several drug and human trafficking operations before they reached American soil, but his learning experience didn’t end there. He saw other things such as willful immigrants who would risk their lives trying to swim their way into the country, or entrust themselves and their money to traffickers who were professionals in the field that yielded more probable results, however that usually involved much less desirable situations as well.
It was through these people that Justin Krashefski really came to see how the American way of life is of such high value.

Justin Krashefski on Being a Police Officer

Justin Krashefski has been an exemplary citizen his whole lie. In his adolescence, he avoided the destructive habits of many of the other boys at his school, and kept to himself. Just had a strict workout routing which included running, lifting weights, swimming, and stealing the attention of admirers from those who sought it via typical teenage acts of drugs, underage alcohol abuse, vandalism and unprotected acts of sexual intercourse.
Justin Krashefski was different from the start, and he knew it. Upon leaving high school, he sought the mentorship of the Coast Guard, which instilled in him a deeper sense of routine as well as of oneself. This helped him greatly in all of his life’s endeavors, but none displayed it as greatly so as throughout his time as a Fort Lauderdale Police Officer.
When he first entered the academy, he knew not to carry any assumptions or other unnecessary baggage, something that many cadets don’t learn until weeks into the program. Justin Krashefski quickly moved up in the ranks of his class, wooing his instructors and classmates with his discipline, committed work ethic and devotion to remaining physically adept for all instances. And once he graduated from the academy, there were high expectations for Justin Krashefski’s future.
For four years Justin Krashefski served as one of Fort Lauderdale’s finest, working to clean the streets of the very things he saw as damaging distractions throughout his childhood. Justin Krashefski helped rid the streets of Fort Lauderdale of the gangs, drugs, domestic violence and sexual abuse that he feels threaten the children of today’s society.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Justin Krashefski Record of Service

Justin Krashefski is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces that served for the Coast Guard.  He served domestically, overseas, and at sea in this county’s service.  It was a career that dates back to his youth, where he started his athletic pursuits and path towards military service through exercise programs.  He was not only a star athlete, he actually led peers through exercise programs.  It was this prowess, dedication and state of physical fitness that led to Krashefski’s enrollment in the military and further service in law enforcement.

Justin Krashefski’s record of outstanding service became official when he joined the Coast Guard out of high school.  He served for five years on multiple deployments that took him to a variety of locations, such as islands in the Caribbean and over to other countries. Justin Krashefski relished in his role in the Coast Guard.  He kept America and its borders safe, acted to halt illegal human and halt drug trafficking organizations.  Each of these challenges threaten the security, prosperity and well-being of American civilians. Upon entry, Justin Krashefski was noted as an exemplary cadet from day one.  He constantly inspired peers towards higher achievement and to take care of themselves emotionally and physically while doing so.

Krashefski’s next phase after his service in the military continued his spirit of service when he became a Fort Lauderdale Police Officer.  As an officer of the law, Krashefski continued his pursuit of physical fitness and service excellence.  During the next four years in his service as an officer, Krashefski made many arrests and conducted himself with distinction.  Krashefski is also known as a great partner and colleague, as he always supported the people he worked with.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Justin Krashefski: On Active Duty

Justin Krashefski spent four years on active duty with the United States Coast Guard, and another four years as a Coast Guard reservist.
Justin Krashefski appreciates the time he spent with the Coast Guard and considers it a valuable experience. He also has the satisfaction of having served his country. Justin Krashefski has learned that many peopl don’t really know what the Coast Guard does, or what its main functions are.
Justin Krashefski

The Coast Guard, Justin Krashefski will inform those who don’t know, is a maritime, military, multi-mission service with a maritime law enforcement mission.It also has a federal regulatory mission. As a professional serviceman in the Coast Guard for many years, Justin Krashefski is able to let people just how important the Coast Guard is, and how much it contributes to the security of the United States.
Surprisingly, there is no official term for members of the Coast Guard. For many years, “Coastie” was the preferred term, although “Guardian” has become more popular in recent years. By whatever name, though, or Justin Krashefski and others serving in the United States Coast Guard, the job was all about eliminating potential threats to the United States. Justin Krashefski was honored to have received the awards he got during his time in the Coast Guard. He often went above and beyond the call of duty and served as an example of honor amongst his fellow service members.
The United States Coast Guard is one of the five armed forces of the United States. The Coast Guard is unique, in that it is the only military organization within the Department of Homeland Security.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Justin Krashefski - Serving On Land and Overseas

Justin Krashefski grew up in Florida, so it surprises few he much he has embraced land and sea throughout his life.  Florida is seemingly the perfect place to be a person of this disposition, because the state is surrounded by bodies of water and features miles of prime coastline.

This kind of environment is conducive to an active lifestyle, and Krashefski has embraced a lifelong path of fitness that has played a big part throughout his career.

Justin Krashefski was once a young athlete with a history of sports successes, and upon graduating high school, he joined the United States Coast Guard.  He served there for five years, protecting our country from threats to the citizens of this country, by curbing drug trafficking, human smugglers and patrolling our coasts for any kind of threats that may lurk across the coast. After his five years were up, he returned to serve domestically when he joined the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Justin Krashefski served as a police officer for four years, conducting himself with distinction and a reputation for outstanding dedication.

One of the ways Krashefski led was through his outstanding physical conditioning.  He also led with numerous arrests in response to crimes of all kinds that occurred in the city.  He witnessed violence, drug activity and other serious crimes during his service there and took his responsibility to the community to the highest levels.  The plain fact of the matter is that physical conditioning boosts mental aspects, and both of those are part of the police officer’s job.  That is why Justin Krashefski has always maintained his physical fitness.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Justin Krashefski A Future Career in Sports Medicine

Justin Krashefski is a student in the field of Sports Medicine. From an early age, Krashefski embraced a potential future career in sports medicine.  He has started on this path through education and he initially studied at Keiser University where he received an Associate’s degree in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology.

Today he studies in a focused program at the Florida Atlantic University.  There, he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. Ultimately, Justin Krashefski projects that he will hopefully be able to establish his own business in sports medicine.  Until that time, he is willing to pay the price, work hard and deliver the time he needs to put in to make it happen.  Krachefski is a former member of the United States Coast Guard division of the United State Armed Forces.

He served for five years and upon his entry into civilian life, he started on his journey to his fitness goals.  Education is a big step for this plan on a road that takes a lot of knowledge and real world experience.  Krashefski eats this knowledge up and implements his own custom routine and methodologies in his personal training regimen.

This real world experience will likely serve him well as sports medicine is composed of a variety of practices and methodologies.  Some things have to be experienced because the trade is always evolving, so Krashefski uses his military training background and continual training as a base of knowledge.  Krashefski is looking to ultimately operate his own business in the field one day down the road.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Justin Krashefski Studies Sports Medicine

Justin Krashefski is a student of Sports Medicine. His interest in the field comes from a history of fitness and achievements.  Like many children across the United States of America, Krashefski was an athlete in his youth.  He’s always been a proponent of getting into shape and maintaining it.  Justin Krashefski went on to serve in the United States Coast Guard for five years.

During this time, Krashefski was put through countless performance and endurance demands which called on the best of his training and conditioning to get through.  He continues this mix of activities in his program today.  He is an avid biker, weightlifter, boxer, runner and a number of other activities that he rotates in and out of his routine throughout the year.

Krashefski particularly focuses quite a bit on running.  He makes running a part of his daily routine.  He feels that by getting his heart going early in the day, it clears his body and clears his mind, so it is rare for him to miss even one day without a one, two, up to five mile run to kick things off.

He has also run in a number of fun events like locally sponsored runs.  Sometimes these runs support causes like the military, the families of military, causes like diabetes and cancer and they take place over shorter distances like a 5K or 10K.  These aren’t always competitions, but he encourages friends and family to participate in a good cause and to give themselves an opportunity to launch their fitness goals getting ready for these events.