Friday, 5 December 2014

Justin Krashefski A Future Career in Sports Medicine

Justin Krashefski is a student in the field of Sports Medicine. From an early age, Krashefski embraced a potential future career in sports medicine.  He has started on this path through education and he initially studied at Keiser University where he received an Associate’s degree in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology.

Today he studies in a focused program at the Florida Atlantic University.  There, he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. Ultimately, Justin Krashefski projects that he will hopefully be able to establish his own business in sports medicine.  Until that time, he is willing to pay the price, work hard and deliver the time he needs to put in to make it happen.  Krachefski is a former member of the United States Coast Guard division of the United State Armed Forces.

He served for five years and upon his entry into civilian life, he started on his journey to his fitness goals.  Education is a big step for this plan on a road that takes a lot of knowledge and real world experience.  Krashefski eats this knowledge up and implements his own custom routine and methodologies in his personal training regimen.

This real world experience will likely serve him well as sports medicine is composed of a variety of practices and methodologies.  Some things have to be experienced because the trade is always evolving, so Krashefski uses his military training background and continual training as a base of knowledge.  Krashefski is looking to ultimately operate his own business in the field one day down the road.

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