Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Justin Krashefski Studies Sports Medicine

Justin Krashefski is a student of Sports Medicine. His interest in the field comes from a history of fitness and achievements.  Like many children across the United States of America, Krashefski was an athlete in his youth.  He’s always been a proponent of getting into shape and maintaining it.  Justin Krashefski went on to serve in the United States Coast Guard for five years.

During this time, Krashefski was put through countless performance and endurance demands which called on the best of his training and conditioning to get through.  He continues this mix of activities in his program today.  He is an avid biker, weightlifter, boxer, runner and a number of other activities that he rotates in and out of his routine throughout the year.

Krashefski particularly focuses quite a bit on running.  He makes running a part of his daily routine.  He feels that by getting his heart going early in the day, it clears his body and clears his mind, so it is rare for him to miss even one day without a one, two, up to five mile run to kick things off.

He has also run in a number of fun events like locally sponsored runs.  Sometimes these runs support causes like the military, the families of military, causes like diabetes and cancer and they take place over shorter distances like a 5K or 10K.  These aren’t always competitions, but he encourages friends and family to participate in a good cause and to give themselves an opportunity to launch their fitness goals getting ready for these events. 

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