Thursday, 18 December 2014

Justin Krashefski on Being a Police Officer

Justin Krashefski has been an exemplary citizen his whole lie. In his adolescence, he avoided the destructive habits of many of the other boys at his school, and kept to himself. Just had a strict workout routing which included running, lifting weights, swimming, and stealing the attention of admirers from those who sought it via typical teenage acts of drugs, underage alcohol abuse, vandalism and unprotected acts of sexual intercourse.
Justin Krashefski was different from the start, and he knew it. Upon leaving high school, he sought the mentorship of the Coast Guard, which instilled in him a deeper sense of routine as well as of oneself. This helped him greatly in all of his life’s endeavors, but none displayed it as greatly so as throughout his time as a Fort Lauderdale Police Officer.
When he first entered the academy, he knew not to carry any assumptions or other unnecessary baggage, something that many cadets don’t learn until weeks into the program. Justin Krashefski quickly moved up in the ranks of his class, wooing his instructors and classmates with his discipline, committed work ethic and devotion to remaining physically adept for all instances. And once he graduated from the academy, there were high expectations for Justin Krashefski’s future.
For four years Justin Krashefski served as one of Fort Lauderdale’s finest, working to clean the streets of the very things he saw as damaging distractions throughout his childhood. Justin Krashefski helped rid the streets of Fort Lauderdale of the gangs, drugs, domestic violence and sexual abuse that he feels threaten the children of today’s society.

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