Thursday, 25 December 2014

Justin Krashefski the Workout Enthusiast

Justin Krashefski is a military veteran who has maintained his love for physical fitness throughout his life.  On the road to the military, certainly within the military, and through his time as a police office in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, Krashefski has been an enthusiast of fitness all his life.  His level of lifetime fitness has always been a part of his duty, so he has maintained a strict regimen of workouts and fitness to maintain it.  He continues to carry out his routine to this day and it is composed of a number of exercise and fitness principles and sport activities. When Krashefski is at the top of his game, he is prepared to deliver the kind of service he expects of himself, in top physical form that could be constantly tested during duty. 

Krashefski’s routine includes weightlifting, where he works his upper body strong though daily lifting. He is at the gym training on a regular basis, on such equipment as press benches, isometric machines and free weights. Krashefski works hard to increase the strength of his chest, biceps, triceps and neck muscles. Justin Krashefski also does a bit of running. Running has always been a core component of his routine, and he has regularly competed in 3k, 5k, half-marathon and marathon events.

Through these events, he’s able to maintain a measure of achievement and compete with others in the community. Finally, another key component of Krashefski’s routine is the activity of swimming. He feels that swimming really ties it all together, combining upper body and lower body strength. He regularly swims in the ocean off of the beaches in the area, and is the master of several swimming styles.

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