Friday, 26 December 2014

Justin Krashefski Life as a Cop

Justin Krashefski is a veteran and model citizen.  He not only served in the military service in the Coast Guard, he also served several years in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.  The city of Fort Lauderdale Florida has approximately 170,000 residents.  The department of police serve the community with the authority of the state to among other things, enforce the law, protect property, and limit civil disorder.

Law enforcement also includes an array of activities in different situations, and are predominantly concerned with the preservation of order.  Police work has a long history that is intertwined with human events around the world.  Generally, police forces include both preventive police that are uniformed and detectives. Ultimately, they function to protected life and property, enforce criminal law, conduct criminal investigations, regulate traffic, conduct crowd control, and other important public safety duties. Uniformed police have duties in patrol and response to emergencies.  Their uniforms make for immediate recognition of an officer's legal authority, which is important in such things as traffic control, stopping and detaining motorists, and active crime response and prevention.  They are often armed and the physical demands of this job can be great.

Detectives can be uniformed, but most often wear business attire. They typically investigate crimes after they have occurred and after uniformed patrol officers have responded first to a situation. Detectives spend a lot of time reporting, taking interviews and in courtrooms. Justin Krashefski’s duty as a police officer was distinguished with a number of important arrests.  He was often called to secure a violent and dangerous perpetrator.  His duties often called on him to make a prompt assessment of a situation and distinguish where the law is present within that situation.  It takes mind and body to execute a job like that, and it was a challenge that Krashefski took on daily.

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