Friday, 26 December 2014

Justin Krashefski on the Coast Guard

Justin Krashefski loves this country, and he has shown that in his public service and private life for as long as people have known him.  Beyond a patriot, he served in the United States Coast Guard for five years.  He embarked on this career straight out of high school, hitting the challenge of basic training head-on.  A young man with experience beyond his years, he excelled in his early service and started on a career representing and defending this country as few have the opportunity to do.  He learned early in his service that fitness would not only serve him well, it could help him exceed, so he continued his life-long dedication to excellent physical conditioning.

He also learned that the discipline that carried him through this fitness would carry through to executing his duties in the service.  Discipline, methodology, and constant analysis are required in this line of service, often the challenges take place in hostile waters or in hostile situations.  The service instills a sense of respect by those who excel, and each member is there to achieve their best.  To Krashefski, there is no higher method to display patriotism than to serve the country in the vein of continual excellence.  As a member of the Armed Services of the United States, discipline, excellence and loyalty are some of the highest elements of service.  There is always a need to show your best and be your best.  Justin Krashefski applied his discipline and shared this with colleagues.  He is a natural leader and these instincts to lead and communicate served him well throughout his service.

During his service, he faced threats against the United States that most people don’t consider every day.  This constant, daily battle placed him in the face of danger that few people know. There are constant smugglers, traffickers and dealers of drugs at the country’s shores each and every day.  They threaten commerce, private citizens and health of the communities and its members.  Krashefski witnessed many incidents throughout his service it always demands the highest mental clarity and physical readiness.  Justin Krashefski is known for his high level of physical fitness and was a leader on a countless number of athletic achievements.  This fitness helped him tune his mind as well, and he carried these skills over upon his return to a successful career as a police officer in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

He served the Fort Lauderdale community for four years and has since moved on to a pursuit of higher education, from where he hopes to serve the community as a sports medicine practitioner.

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