Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Justin Krashefski Record of Service

Justin Krashefski is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces that served for the Coast Guard.  He served domestically, overseas, and at sea in this county’s service.  It was a career that dates back to his youth, where he started his athletic pursuits and path towards military service through exercise programs.  He was not only a star athlete, he actually led peers through exercise programs.  It was this prowess, dedication and state of physical fitness that led to Krashefski’s enrollment in the military and further service in law enforcement.

Justin Krashefski’s record of outstanding service became official when he joined the Coast Guard out of high school.  He served for five years on multiple deployments that took him to a variety of locations, such as islands in the Caribbean and over to other countries. Justin Krashefski relished in his role in the Coast Guard.  He kept America and its borders safe, acted to halt illegal human and halt drug trafficking organizations.  Each of these challenges threaten the security, prosperity and well-being of American civilians. Upon entry, Justin Krashefski was noted as an exemplary cadet from day one.  He constantly inspired peers towards higher achievement and to take care of themselves emotionally and physically while doing so.

Krashefski’s next phase after his service in the military continued his spirit of service when he became a Fort Lauderdale Police Officer.  As an officer of the law, Krashefski continued his pursuit of physical fitness and service excellence.  During the next four years in his service as an officer, Krashefski made many arrests and conducted himself with distinction.  Krashefski is also known as a great partner and colleague, as he always supported the people he worked with.

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